Research-backed Game Design

Designed by a team of Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDPs), MemaRang blends Reminiscence  Therapy (RT) principles with universally known games, 40s-60s music, and activities that prompt life’s precious moments and boost engagement. Perfect for healthy elderly seniors to those with  early onset to moderate Cognitive Impairment AD, games are designed to deliver joy, laughter, peace, and a sense of belonging and self-worth. All games and activities are backed up with both weekly live online and 24/7 on-demand training.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

With over 15 games and activities, MemaRang offers multiple choices for a spectrum of cognitive abilities.

All activities and games…

  • Feature large lettering, bold/high contrast colors and oversized dice, markers, etc., for easier handling
  • Are organized in one lightweight, portable case for ease of transport
  • Include a Game Chart and simple cognitive coding system allowing anyone to identify the most appropriate activities for a wide range of cognitive levels
  • Are based on well-known game structures so both caregiver training and player adoption is minimal
  • Include easy and quick training in both live and 24/7 on-demand to get new hires up to speed immediately

MemaRang Value

  • Easy for Aides and Volunteers to lead with training available 24/7
  • Improves mood by reducing stress or feelings of depression
  • Ignites conversation and enriches connection
  • Amplifies nostalgic memories via key prompts
  • Heightens multi-generational engagement with family, friends, and caregivers

MemaRang Results

  • Boosts day-to-day well-being and happiness, lifts spirits, and improves behavior
  • Strengthens nursing/caregiver connection
  • Lowers overall activities/engagement costs
  • With both weekly live online and 24/7 on-demand training, new hires can use MemaRang immediately